the chefs net was launched in late 2007 - founded by a consummate chef and “foodie” Peter Chapman.


Peter's career began in the seventies when he graduated from what is now known as Oxford Brookes University. (he is now both a proud Visiting Fellow and active Alumni)


Stints as a Chef in both Europe and the UK were then followed by a waistline-enhancing (or if you prefer expansion!!) role as a Guides Inspector for both Egon Ronay and the AA.


In fact eating out is still very much a passion and necessity for Peter… he was then able to use his extensive knowledge within the industry in the role of recruitment and this led to a lengthy period (20+ years) of placing chefs worldwide in a wide range of positions and roles.


His experiences have also been widened (like his waistline) to encompass other business interests notably within the “dating industry”


Peter's goal now is to make the chefs net an invaluable resource for the food professional in a number of ways.


The aim is to provide a service that will encompass a range of facilities that can appeal to a wide selection of markets from restaurants, pubs and hotels, to the retail sector and even food producers.


Of equal importance is the transparency of the fees charged. The belief is this will be money well spent and recouped by adhering to sound achievable advice.


the chefs net is assisted by a carefully selected team of food professionals with a wealth of experience spanning a great many years. Their experiences can be tailored to meet your requirements and needs.


We hope this taster has hooked you sufficiently. Please click the logo above to find out more…

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