Well now that we have your attention… Believe it or not cactus nylon is an anagram of consultancy…


Like any jumbled up mess it all becomes very clear when laid out properly...


We offer three different distinct areas of consultancy under the following headings.




Your menu matters... This is the first sales tool of any credible food establishment.  


Only too often this is badly represented by inaccurate English, spelling mistakes or quite simply poor presentation - In fact more often than not all three.


Not only do we offer an objective proof reading service but as food professionals we are able to take it further by appraising the content and presentation.


We are able to offer a truly unrivalled service to ensure you maximise your establishment's potential.


You will benefit from a continual appraisal of menus you submit to us, not only for spelling mistakes but content, balance and accuracy.

Our independent status ensures we can provide constructive feedback and thereby ensure that the menu reflects your establishment to the best effect.


This is all about the presentation and taste of the menu “on the plate”


Does the food presented meet your menu expectations? How does it measure up to guidebook rating systems?


This area of our consultancy delivers a one-on-one service to hotels, restaurants and pubs and will scrutinize what you put “on the plate”  for your customers.


We will offer immediate informed evaluation with constructive feedback as to what you need to do to achieve, or improve ratings within the guidebooks.


Our inspectors will meet with you to taste and comment immediately on a range of up to 20 dishes from your menu.

This presents a unique opportunity to get professional feedback, and constructive comments and suggestions for enhancements on the menu and dish presentation.



Our “Mystery Dining” service will appraise your establishment from a guidebook perspective and give you valuable feedback. What you will need to do to achieve an entry or improve on a current rating.

Inspections will be conducted anonymously by one of our team who will assess you on all relevant criteria that would be undertaken for a published guidebook inspection.

A full written report will be presented within 10 days after the inspection has been completed and can be then open to further discussion.

This service can be arranged as a one off inspection, or as an on going multi visit inspection process that will look at all areas of your food presentation and service and will enable you to develop an overall action plan to achieve your desired standards.



To find out more about these services and our charges please contact our office and we will happily discuss in detail.


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